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Founded in 1998 by Artistic Director Samuel Lin, the San Gabriel Valley Children's Chorus (SGVCC) is a nurturing ground for young talent aged 5 to 18. Within its structure, SGVCC hosts four distinct choirs: Apprentice, Intermediate, Concert, and Chamber, each offering a step in the musical journey towards excellence. Our diverse repertoire spans Renaissance motets, classical compositions, folk traditions, and the vibrancy of Broadway, enriching students' musical landscape and celebrating cultural diversity.


SGVCC is committed to holistic musical development, encouraging our students to engage in the Voice Certificate of Merit evaluations, participate in community service, and strive for governmental recognition for their achievements.

The Concert and Chamber Choirs are the pinnacle of SGVCC's quality, known for their harmonious blend, expressive tone, and dynamic interpretations across various musical eras. Beyond annual concerts, these choirs serve as distinguished ambassadors, representing SGVCC at community and international events.

Highlights of SGVCC's journey include:

  • U.S. tours from 2000-2004, visiting iconic cities and participating in significant cultural exchanges.
    Special performances, such as the 2006 Mozart 200th Anniversary Concert and collaborations with international choirs.

  • Recognition at global competitions, including notable awards at the Vienna International Music Competition in 2012.

  • Invitations to prestigious venues and festivals, including the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in 2015 and choral festivals in Austria and Italy in 2016.


SGVCC continues to inspire through music, fostering a community where young voices can grow, perform, and excel.

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