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San Gabriel Valley Children’s Chorus was founded in 1998 by artistic director and conductor Samuel Lin. The students, age range from 5 to 18, are trained in the Apprentice Choir, Intermediate Choir, Concert Choir, and Chamber Choir. A handbell class is offered to the Concert and Chamber Choir members. The chorus employs a rich repertoire selections including Motets of the Renaissance period, classical and contemporary choral works, traditional folk songs and Broadway musicals. The students are directed in their pursuit of musical enrichment and excellence, celebrate diversity through the study of choral music. In addition, SGVCC requests governmental commendations to reward outstand students, encourages participation in the Voice Certificate of Merit evaluation, and arranges church and community service activities.

SGVCC’s Concert Choir and Chamber Choir have proven their superb quality not only through its beautiful harmony, colorful tone quality, sensitive musicality, exciting and versatile programs, but also by demonstrating their unique way of appreciating and interpreting music of all origins and time. Besides their regular annual concerts and community events, the recent accomplishments include:


  • 2000 to 2004: Toured Northern California, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and Hawaii.

  • 2006: Participated in the 200th Mozart’s Anniversary Concert at the Ambassador Auditorium, Pasadena.

  • 2007: Jointly performed with the Czech Lark Choir from Zidlochovice, Czech Republic.

  • 2008: Participated in the Charity Concerts “Help the Aug.8 Flood” and “Love Taiwan”.

  • 2009: Received the scholarship to the eight-day Japan International Youth Musicale Festival in Shizuoka, Japan.

  • 2011: Participated in the “Elijah and Mendelssohn’s Master Works” concert.

  •  2012: Received the 3rd Place Award and Jury Choice’s Award at the Vienna International Music Competition and qualified to perform in the world’s prestigious Wiener Musikverein.

  • 2014: Participated in the charity concert “Israel in Egypt”.

  • 2015: Invited by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission to perform in the Christmas Celebration Programs at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

  • 2016: Participated in the Choral Festival in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria. Toured Venice, Florence, and Rome in Italy.

「南加兒童合唱團」成立於1998 年, 學童年齡 5 至 18 歲, 分學習班、進階班、代表隊。 練唱曲目包括從文藝復興時期的經文歌到現代合唱曲, 古今中外名作曲家的合唱作品, 各國民歌及音樂劇等。 曾到紐約, 波士顿,華盛頓特區,夏威夷及其他地區演出,亦經常參加賑災義演, 慈善音樂會,迪士尼樂園演出, 曾應邀與洛衫磯州立大學合唱團聯合公演,與來自捷克Zidlochovice的雲雀兒童合唱團聯合演出。更多次被洛衫磯縣藝術委員會邀请在Dorothy Chandler Pavilion音樂廳參與聖誕慶祝演唱。 於2009年受日本靜岡市之邀請代表美國至靜岡市參加「國際青少年音樂節」, 以優異成績獲大會提供音樂節八天所有費用的獎學金, 2012年夏天「南加」代表隊參加奧地利維也納「國際音樂節」比賽獲第三名, 並榮獲評審頒發「特別評審獎」, 因獲此獎被邀在世界聞名的「維也納音樂廳」特別演出。 除在「維也納金色大廳The Wiener Musikverein」參賽外, 也在維也納Freistadt的「Stimmen音樂節」, 捷克Židlochovice及布拉格, 匈牙利Kapuvár, 奧地利薩爾茲堡及德國慕尼黑演出共六場音樂會。 2016夏天再度赴奧地利維也納及薩爾茲堡參加音樂節,並造訪意大利威尼斯,佛羅倫斯及羅馬。 由於兼容東西方氣質特色及在和聲,音質,音樂性及曲目安排等的優異表現,所到之處均留給聽眾深刻的印象。

南加兒童合唱團致力於啟發及栽培兒童歌唱天賦, 教導正统音樂, 發聲方法和提升歌唱素質。此外, 更幫助兒童參加聲樂鑒定考試, 協助表現優異的高中生申请政府獎狀。

南加兒童合唱團現正擴大招生中, 歡迎預約試課, 讓孩子在從小培養美好的氣質! (626)779-6767 

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