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Apprentice Choir 初級班

AGE 5-8
SAT. 1:00-2:00pm

Children match and repeat pitches and rhythms, are competent English readers and function comfortably in the group rehearsal environment. They continue to develop their well-supported healthy singing voice (head-voice) and work weekly on a sequential music literacy curriculum. They have the ability to follow a conductor (entrances, cut offs, interpretation) and teamwork are Apprentice concentrations, with additional development in independent singing and decision-making as related to a group. They sing in unison, frequently in rounds and occasional two-part repertoire in many languages.


​Concert Choir 高級班

SAT. 3:30-5:30pm

In the Concert Choir level, choristers sing harmoniously in two to three parts, demonstrating advanced vocal techniques, fluency in sight-reading, and successful performance of music in a variety of languages and styles.  Emphasis is placed on advanced sight-singing and aural skills, as well as understanding and analyzing the choral score. Choristers are encouraged to develop a secure sense of vocal independence and adaptability as performers. Youth are given opportunities to take on elected roles, which further develops their leadership skills and independence both within and beyond the Choir program.


Intermediate Choir 中級班

AGE 8-10

SAT. 1:00-2:30pm

Children continue to hone posture, breathing and vocal technique, developing a greater degree of musical independence through part-singing, sight-singing and aural skills.  They participate in discussions regarding style, cultural context and history of various repertoire. They are local ambassadors of the Choir and frequently represent the organization at events. Intermediate choristers are becoming vocal and social leaders through development of their musical skills and confidence. This ensemble begins advanced level repertoire singing in two, three and four part rounds.


Chamber Choir 合唱隊

SAT. 4:00-6:00pm

To participate in the Chamber Choir, simultaneous participation in the Concert Choir is required, as well as attendance at all mandatory events and retreats. Choristers in this ensemble are expected to demonstrate advanced musical independence and the ability to confidently sing mixed-voice choral works. Extensive home study is periodically required throughout the year.

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